Wanted: Melissa Sweet Beatrix

I am in search of the sash dress Melissa Sweet Beatrix. If anyone is selling I am interested! Also I wear around a size 0-2 so I would want a 4-8 in wedding dress sizes. Thanks!
Posted by Jules; updated 04/26/04


Did you ever find the dress? I am now (years later) looking for this dress too?

Anyone have one?

Thanking you in advance
Posted by shawn; updated 04/20/09


Just wondering if you may be interested in a custom made wedding gown similar to the style you like . If so, please visit our website at http://www.juliusbridal.com to see our dress quality and workmanship, or see our feedback from current and former brides at http://www.juliusbridal.com/forums. All of our dresses are professionally made using high quality fabric.

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Posted by mimi; updated 04/21/09


Hello, I`m selling my Melissa Sweet Beatrix dress. I purchased it new in 2003 and wore only once (at my wedding). The original purchase price was $1900. The dress sounds is a size 6. I am very motivated to sell, and all reasonable offers will be considered. I had the dress professionally cleaned and preserved after my wedding. The box was only opened once when I tried it on again a few years ago.
Posted by Emily; updated 10/12/12



I posted a message about this dress back in 2009. I saw the dress back in 2002 and loved it. After all these years, I can`t remember all the details except that the dress had a train that attached at the SHOULDERS/UPPER BACK area....I think it was sold extra. Does your dress have that? This was the main reason I loved the dress. Also, do you have any pictures of the dress so I can see it?

Thanks in advance, Shawn Mary
Posted by Shawn; updated 10/13/12



Please send me your email so we can talk about specifics. My email is savagerain33@yahoo.com

Posted by Emily; updated 10/13/12