Champagne Glasses In Bulk Or At Bulk Prices

I am desperate for champagne glasses for the wedding toast - I would like glass but I need over 200 and I don`t think I can afford it. Does anyone have any idea where I can get some in bulk even if they are plastic at a reasonable price? HELP the wedding is soon. Thanks
Posted by Theresa; updated 02/04/04


I`m going crazy looking for cheap either disposable plastic or glass champagne flutes. Need around 100 for my best friend`s June wedding.

I`d really appreciate it if someone could email me at with any helpful info. I`m in No. Calif.

Posted by Sue; updated 02/04/04


Hi you can try these

If that doesn`t open up just try
When it opens click on more product choices and scroll down to champagne glasses.

Hope this helps
Posted by melissa; updated 02/04/04