I was planning to spend all I had for my wedding held last month. I didn`t know where to start and I freaked out hearing out the expenses. We knew we had to cut down a few items of the list but we would never compromise with the event venue that we booked. We chose alternatives for some food and adjusted in the decors. We called the event organizing company for the slight change in the plans and they accepted it. On our wedding day, we were surprised to see the decors are the ones we picked first and changed to adjust the expense. So were the food and all the other extra cuttings. The wedding went well and after the reception, we called the event organizers to see if they charged extra, they told it was a surprise for us from them. Everyone should get the dream wedding once they have planned. Simple things like flowers and decors even have a role in your wedding. Little short of money shouldn`t prevent you from getting what you want. Their words were the sweetest thing of the day of course after the wedding. Https://www.lejardin.com/events/
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Posted by kevinjohnson; updated 10/30/18