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Bar Mitzvah Lessons New York
Bar Mitzvah Lessons New York
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Bar Mitzvah Lessons Yonkers, NY
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Bar Mitzvah Lessons Albany, NY
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Bar Mitzvah Lessons Bat Mitzvah Lessons
Bar Mitzvah Tutor Bat Mitzvah Tutor

Bar Mitzvah lessons at home, anywhere in the world,
Using the internet and the latest video technology.

* Affordable * Effective * Convenient, easy and fun

Our Websites:

* Genuine care for our students and having pride in their progress,
As well as patience, compassion, and enthusiasm, always makes
Our Bar Mitzvah lessons exciting and special!

* Mentoring and inspiring our students on their Bar/Bat
Mitzvah journey as they learn to embrace Jewish life and
Be proud of their heritage.

* Teaching to read/chant from the Torah scroll and recite/chant
Some Shabbat morning prayers.

Who We Are:

* We are Rabbi David and Cantor Lee, congregational clergy,
Highly experienced and dedicated Bar/Bat Mitzvah mentors,
Offering Bar Mitzvah lessons and officiating the ceremonies
Anywhere in the world.

* Our Bar/Bat Mitzvah Hebrew training is tailored to the Hebrew
Skills, aptitude and also the spiritual needs of our students and
Their families.

* This includes Hebrew reading as well as understanding basic
Jewish values. Our Bar Mitzvah Lessons are fun, engaging and
Highly effective.

Tailoring the learning modality to the individual
Student`s circumstances.
Over the many years of teaching Bar Mitzvah lessons, we have been guiding students on their journey to becoming a Bar or Bat Mitzvah. Cantor Lee is a trained educator. She is highly familiar with various learning modalities and techniques which benefit all the students we teach.
Indeed, we have trained hundreds of students with a full range of specific learning needs.

Our Philosophy:
* While our teaching methods are effective and personalized,
We do not believe in exerting unnecessary pressure on our
Students just for the sake of performing “required” reading
For the Bar /Bat Mitzvah service.
Everything learned in this flexible preparation process is for
The student’s personal growth and not only for services.

* As mentors we motivate our students with a true
Understanding of the significance of the Bar/Bat Mitzvah
Preparation. Consequently, learning the prayers and/or the
Torah portion becomes a welcomed assignment rather than a
Boring chore. It is the love and pride in Judaism that
Flourishes long after the memory of the Bar Mitzvah lessons
And the service itself fade away.

Instilling Jewish Values

During the course of the training we encourage the student
To explore the meaning of becoming mature and responsible
Jewish adults. As a result, the student truly understands Jewish
Ethics such as Chesed and Tzrdakah (performing act of kindness
And charity) , “Tikun Olam” ( improving our environment and
Our world) “Baal Tashchit” (our responsibilities as custodians
Of the world ) – to name a few.

Our Bar/Bat Mitzvah Lessons Are:
• Affordable
• Effective
• Convenient, easy and fun

Very reasonable tuition for Bar Mitzvah lessons as well as affordable Bar/Bat ceremony fee.

As Bar Mitzvah tutors, our Bar Mitzvah lessons implement the most effective Bar Mitzvah training meticulously adjusted to each individual student’s learning ability.

Easy To Learn:
Today’s students relate very well to information presented to them on a computer screen. They thrive on individualized attention of the Bar Mitzvah tutor during the Bar Mitzvah lessons

Students and parents do not have to travel anywhere to meet with their Bar Mitzvah tutor for their Bar Mitzvah lessons.

True Understanding of The Bar /Bat Mitzvah Celebration:

Our Bar/Bat Mitzvah lessons are meant to encourage the student to continue his/her Jewish journey beyond the Bat Mitzvah training.

Rabbi David Degani
Bar/Bat Mitzvah Lessons


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Posted by Rabbi David Dega; 02/13/18
Posted by Rabbi David Dega; updated 02/13/18