What Do We Do?

Hey all! So it`s my brother`s wedding and we are planning to keep the bachelor`s party in our backyard. Since, we are planning to keep the wedding party too there, right the very next day, I`m really worried as to how we are going to do the arrangements. More than the arrangement, I`m worried as to how we are going to clear up the bachelor party mess. The only other option we are left with, is not to have a bachelor party at all. But most of us are so eagerly waiting for it and I just don`t want to disappoint anyone. What do we do? I read this blog on easy cleaning tips http://www.gorillabins.ca/blog/how-to-manage-the-after-party-mess/ Do you think these tips could help us out? There`s no other place to organize the party either. Please do suggest what can be done.
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Posted by Karla; updated 07/20/16