Wanted! Ralph Lauren Rebecca Romijn Wedding Gown

Want to buy, Ralph Lauren Purple Label wedding gown worn Rebecca Romijn .
Street size 6-10
Height 5`4
Will pay reasonable offer for new or gently used gown.
(minor repairs can always be made)
I have been looking for a bridal gown on this site for sometime now and have had no luck so far. My wedding date was also put on hold due to military circumstances. This is my last option for a wedding gown for the style of wedding I am going to have. Small, out door casual about 25 people.
If you have this gown and can part with it or know someone who has this gown and they would like to sell it please, PLEASE contact me. VERY INTERESTED IN BUYING!!
Thank you,
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Posted by ATM; updated 03/15/09


Just got engaged 2 weeks ago! My fiance is in the military. I NEED THIS DRESS! If anyone has this exact gown please send pictures. Thank you!
Posted by Kelly; updated 09/13/13