Singing Telegrams In The Chicago Area!

We have many fun characters available for your special event. We have Elvis, Marilyn Monroe, Gorilla (or Lady Gorilla), Grim Reaper, Heart-o-Gram, Knight in Shining Armor, Nerd Boy or Girl, Singing Cowboy, Lounge Singer, Bag Lady, Moon-Gram, Fairy Queen, Turkey, Santa Claus and many many more. Guaranteed to delight and/or embarrass the guest (or guests) of honor!

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Posted by Kick! Production; updated 05/13/13


At first I thought this was a super cheesey idea like "who does that"? But after watching a few hilarious videos and then actually receiving one (my whole office from our rival branch) I`m convinced this is one of the best services that exists and needs to be used more. We were all dying of laughter.
Posted by Ryan; updated 05/14/13