Party Budget Calculator FAQ

How To Save Party Budget Calculator Page?

Since you can not save your information on to directly, you must either download and save the PDF version of your Calculator to your computer or email the calculator to yourself or to a friend using the “PDF” and “Email” icons on the top right of your calculator.


Posted by Admin; updated 04/24/13


What if I already know the price I’m spending on a category and I want to add the actual price to my Party Budget Calculator list?

If you already know the amount you will be spending on listed category, you can edit the amount by simple clicking on the price text box and typing in the correct amount yourself.
Posted by Admin; updated 04/29/13


What if I want to share my Party Budget Calculator list with other people?

To send your Party Budget Calculator to others, simply click on the “Email” icon on the top right corner of the page and type in the email of the person you wish to send it to.
Posted by Admin; updated 04/30/13


How do I find more information about the recommended vendors?

You may visit a Recommended Vendor’s page on PartyPOP by clicking on their name. If you would just like to view the vendor’s video or photo gallery, then click on the Recommended Vendor’s thumbnail image presented next to their name.


Posted by Admin; updated 05/01/13


Why are some categories/items doesn`t show up?

Depending on the event and venue, categories/items like "adult entertainment" will not show up for the event "Baby shower". Same thing with "Bridal Accessories" for "Halloween Party". These are just some of the examples.


Posted by Admin; updated 05/02/13