Hey, asking for someone to sponsor your wedding doesn`t typically mean that you dont have money. Why cant we find a way to help out a local vendor that may need some publicity? Or help out someone who is just starting out in their profession and need to display their talents? How come it has to be begging? Hey, I am looking for sponsors not just to get something free, but to help them in return. He/She may not know who on my guest list may be of some "special importance"
Posted by MICHELLE; updated 04/13/06



I am looking for some wedding sponsors can anyone help me?
Posted by SAMANTHA; updated 02/26/13


I am a mother of seven ,getting married in may living from pay check to pay check,can hardly make ends meet,asking for a sponsor to fine it their heart to help make this day special for me.thank you and be blessed.
Posted by samantha; updated 12/02/13