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Bar Mitzvah Lessons New York, NY
Bar Mitzvah Lessons New York,NY
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Bar Mitzvah Lessons
Bar Mitzvah Tutor

Bar Mitzvah lessons at home, anywhere in the world, using the internet and the latest video technology.

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Inspiring our students to embrace Jewish life and to be proud of their heritage.

Who We Are:

We are Rabbi David and Cantor Lee, congregational clergy, highly experienced and dedicated Bar/Bat Mitzvah mentors, offering Bar Mitzvah lessons and ceremony officiating anywhere in the world.

Every Bar/Bat Mitzvah training is tailored to the Hebrew skill, aptitude and the spiritual needs of every student and his/her family. This includes Hebrew reading and chanting as well as understanding basic Jewish values.

Over the many years of mentoring our students and teaching Bar Mitzvah lessons, we have been guiding countless students on their journey to becoming a Bar/Bat Mitzvah. Many of them are special needs students who respond best to various teaching modalities and techniques.
Our Bar Mitzvah Lessons are fun, engaging and highly effective. The training methodology is carefully tailored to the student’s learning needs.

Inspiring Our Students

In addition to teaching Prayers and/or Torah/Haftarah reading/chanting, our Bar/Bat Mitzvah preparation process is about inspiring our students by instilling in them love for Judaism and Israel. Experience shows that students excel
If they are inspired. Our genuine care for our students and
Having pride in their progress, as well as patience,
Compassion, and enthusiasm, always make our Bar
Mitzvah lessons exciting and special.

As mentors we motivate our students with a true
Understanding of the significance of the Bar/Bat
Mitzvah preparation. Consequently, learning the prayers
And/or the Torah portion becomes a welcomed
Assignment rather than a boring chore. It is the love and
Pride in Judaism that flourish Long after
The memory of the Torah reading/chant has faded away.

Emphasis on Personal Growth

While Our teaching methods are effective and personalized, we do not believe in exerting unnecessary pressure on our Bar/Bat Mitzvah students just for the sake of performing certain “required” reading for the Bar Mitzvah service.
Everything learned in the preparation process is for the student’s personal growth and not only for leading services.

Instilling Jewish Values

An important part of the preparation process is the true understanding of basic Jewish values.
During the course of the training we encourage the student
To explore the meaning of becoming mature and responsible Jewish adult. As a result, the student truly understand Jewish ethics such as Chesed and Tzrdakah (performing acts of kindness and charity) , “Tikun Olam” ( improving our environment and our world) “Baal Tashchit” Our responsibilities as custodians of the world ) – to name a few.

Our Methodology
In order to create a positive Bar /Bat Mitzvah training
Experience we use three proven principles:

• Learning In Small Increments:
Assigning clear and reasonable goals for every stage
Of the learning process and for each Bar Mitzvah

• Using Phonetics to Introduce the Hebrew Letters, Vowels and phrases:
The Hebrew letters and the sound symbols (Vowels)
Are introduced by comparing them to the familiar
Pronunciation of their English counterparts.

• Gradual Integration of the Learned Text with the Chanted Music:
As the student begins to master basic Hebrew reading,
Prayer and Torah melodies are gradually and carefully
Introduced and integrated into the lessons

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Visit our page for more info: Rabbi David Degani and Cantor Lee Degani

Posted by David Degani; updated 12/18/12