* * Producing exceptional experiences that resonate with your consumer and bring your brand to life **

When you?re planning a Tradeshow or Experiential Event and are looking for a unique interactive experiential activity for your consumer engagements, Digital Images Group delivers. Our on-site premium branding provides your CE?s with a unique experience and a personalized premium that is relevant and appreciated while also strengthening your brand. Whether you select our On-Site Laser Engraving or our Green Screen Instant Photography, your attendees/consumers will walk away in less than 15 seconds with their personalized premium. Each premium can be branded not only with your logo but also QR Codes and interfaced with our Mobile Interactive Interface and MMS On-Demand texting. Our small footprint allows us to easily work from tradeshow booths as small as 10x10 without interfering with your staff.

Raise the bar for your consumer's interactive experience with Digital's Mobile Interactive Interface. In the past consumers while que'd up in line would fill out a redemption form with what they wanted laser engraved onto their premium, then wait in line to turn in the form and further wait until their premium was completed. All of this precious time undermines their experience and takes away from valuable time your sales people could be engaging them. With Digital's Mobile Interactive Interface, consumers use their own smartphone to submit their request for their personalized premium. When their premium is ready to be picked up, they will even receive a text message. Your sales people will appreciate the additional time with customers, and your customers will appreciate not having to que up in a line. Digital's Mobile Interactive Interface can easily be accessed by scanning a QR Code or simply typing in the web address. For those consumers without a smartphone, your sales people can lend theirs or provide printed forms to fill out.

Digital's Mobile Interactive Interface can be branded with your company details and further customized for your company by capturing additional data from the consumer with such options like a brief survey, show specials, contest, new product information and a link to your company's website.
Our patent pending technology allows us to laser engrave the consumer?s choice of text or their photo in true photographic quality (635 dpi) onto the premium while also branding the premium with your logo as fast as 10 seconds. In addition, with our LaserCam, attendees/consumers can actually watch their premium be laser engraved making their visit a true experiential experience. For a more interactive experience, we can even add a QR Code allowing you to capture more data on your consumers and rewarding them with other offers.

Our Green Screen Instant Photo technology uniquely integrates several cutting edge technologies to create a unique experiential experience at every activation. Our Green Screen Instant Photos can easily be upgraded by simply adding one or more of the following modules:
1. Photos Now ? Instant delivery. Camera shutter to printed photo in 10 seconds.
2. Video Simulcast ? Attendees/consumers image is projected on screen ( from as small as 32? all the way up to the side of a building ) with themed background within 5 seconds
3. Interactive ? QR Coding, MMS On-Demand texting, Micro-Site Data Capture
When high traffic activations require both speed and quality, Digital Images Group can personalize just about any premium ( metal, glass & leather ) ?at your event in just seconds and we have hundreds of unique premiums to choose from.

When you are looking for a professional company that can deliver a professional experience at your activations, do what companies like Time Warner, TNT Network, NBC Broadcasting, ConAgra Foods, ?Jack Morton Marketing, Legacy Marketing, Mitsubishi Motors, BFG Marketing, RJ Reynolds and the U.S. Marines did by selecting Digital Images Group to run their experiential events.? Digital can easily handle your nationwide activations as we recently did when we went on tour with RockStar Energy Drink for their 25 city nationwide UpRoar concert tour and the 2010 NASCAR race series.

Our proprietary engineering was developed exclusively for high-traffic high-profile events ranging from as few as 250 attendees up to 10,000, whether at one venue or 10 different venues simultaneously for a movie premiere. At a recent ?Red Carpet? in Los Angeles, the client selected Digital because we could deliver the personalized and branded premium to the distinguished guest within 15 seconds from when we took their photo. At this event, traffic flow was one way and there no opportunity for guests to double back later in the evening to get their personalized gift. From the moment we snapped the guest?s photo, each second was carefully choreographed to keep the guest?s interest while keeping the traffic flowing and handing them their personalized gift, all within 15 seconds.

At your next tradeshow when your competition is giving away pencils, your company will benefit from the increase in traffic as a result of the unique experience you will be sharing with the attendees. Digital Images Group......producing exceptional experiences that resonate with your consumer and bring your brand to life.

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Posted by Kyle; updated 08/03/12