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A trade show experience like none other

Just because you build it doesnt mean that they will come.

We Have harnessed the power of a Vegas slot machine and put it to work for you ? to electrify your trade show booth and pre-sell your service. Combining cutting-edge interactive technology with high-value, personalized premiums and prizes, we turn your trade show booth into a buzz-generating hub of activity, from the time the doors open ?til they turn off the lights.

Are you ready for some serious traffic?

Your booth, only better

Your booth has never worked so hard for you!

A combination of three tried-and-true trade show techniques?games, prizes and premiums?in a single high-quality, high-tech package, our Trade Show Slot Machine is a true people magnet. Your guests are entertained, engaged and delighted by an interactive slot machine game that pays off big every time. The giveaway? Your guests photo, expertly shot and laser-engraved onto the premium or prize of your choice. And it all happens in the blink of an eye!

It does more than just increase traffic. It takes each attendees experience to a whole new level.

Best in show?

We don?t do trinkets and neither should you.

The perfect premium is unique and personalized. We bring our popular Engrave-It laser engraving service into your trade show booth to create gifts and prizes that wildly exceed expectations. From laser-engraved photo quality (635 DPI) dog tags to leather-bound notebooks or Green Screen Instant Photos, all produced within seconds. And with unbeatable quality!

It is even brandable! Add your logo or marketing message to any of our laser-engraved premiums for no additional charge.

Proprietary technology

Better. Faster. More. That is what we are all about.

We have achieved true photo realism on our laser-engraved gifts and prizes thanks to a proprietary blend of green screen technology and digital imaging techniques. And the speed? You have simply got to see it to believe it.

How many hands can you shake in a day?

Like to travel light? You are gonna love working with us.

Our totally scalable event packages include all the giveaways you need ? no more and no less ? for a single booking fee. You bring nothing and you leave with nothing ? now THAT is a smart trade show solution. And our Trade Show Slot Machine does more than just draw a crowd. It captures each and every players contact information so you do not have to. No more fishbowls!

Bells and whistles? We got em.

Everybody is a winner!

High-value personalized giveaways offer an incentive to play, and our on-site laser-engraving capability adds some serious entertainment value. Attendees are attracted and engaged in a whole new way ? and you reap the benefits!

It is a show-stopper every time.

THE VALUE??????????
The best for your bottom line

It is all about your ROI.

The Trade Show Slot Machine is about working smarter, not harder, to connect with potential customers. Our flat-fee pricing structure means there are NO limits on the number of premiums you go through each day. Create a totally customizable experience by selecting the types, frequency and value of more upscale prizes to be offered throughout your event. You are in total control of your total package price.

Serious entertainment. Serious connections. Serious value.

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Posted by Kyle; updated 07/27/12