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Photo keepsakes, redefined

Smile! It is the photo shoot they will never forget.

Step up your photo favors with green screen magic to put your guests right in the middle of a fantasy. Photo booth fun and green screen photography meet cutting-edge digital imaging techniques. The result? Individually personalized photo favors with a high tech twist.

And delivered in seconds. No kidding.

Phenomenal pics , instant gratification

Serious technology makes for serious fun. We have partnered with green screen gurus to deliver unmatched quality, dimension and speed - with true 3D realism and clarity. Add wireless networking capability and it is a recipe for excitement. Spectacular photo favors in seconds. Just count to 10. Limited Space? We only need 2 feet ( size 10 ). Our Photographer is self contained with camera, computer , printer and iPhone. Photos are handed to guest as they are snapped, multiple prints in an instant with our custom iPhone app.

Frame-worthy favors with fantasy flair

You think you?ve seen photo favors? You aint seen nothin.

Magazine covers, exotic locations - if they can dream it, they can have it? without ever leaving your event. And our leading-edge digital imaging techniques make the results more realistic than ever. The output is a high-res photo printed on professional-quality paper and presented in a sturdy cardstock frame.

Contact us for a free sample and check it out yourself.

Super fast. Super fun.

Quick output? That is an understatement.

With nothing to slow us down, we keep the camera flashing and the excitement building. And instant output means no disruptions to your events flow. Shoot it, print it, and it is ready in a flash. Up to 450 photo favors per hour. Wow.

How did they DO that?

We have combined cutting-edge green screen photography with wireless networking to create amazingly realistic fantasy photos, ready in seconds. A majestic castle, a magazine cover - anything and everything is possible. Create a custom background to match your events theme or just let your guests get creative.

Non-stop fun. Perfectly personalized favors.

Got no strings?

Better, faster, more. It is just that simple.

With no wires to tie us down, we keep shooting all night long. And our crystal clear images are delivered courtesy of top-quality, professional grade cameras and printers. Because quality counts.

Think speed is an issue? Think again. We shoot it, they grab it, then we shoot some more. No waiting, no lines? it is all about NOW.

Business or pleasure?

Our green screen photos make any event more special, from a fancy corporate holiday party to a high traffic tradeshow or your social event. And our totally customizable backgrounds can be tailored to match your events theme. Add a caption if you would like - it is all about you. Whether business or pleasure, Green Screens always a hit.

We hate limits.

Do not you dare pay for extras!

When you book Green Screen, your guests have unlimited access to photos, props and costumes. If they are posing, we are shooting . And if we are shooting, we are printing. Extra favors? They are free.

Cool. So cool.

Want to see your guests go a little crazy? Invite Green Screen to the party.

Non-stop excitement makes for amazing memories. And super realistic green screen fantasy photos get everybody into the act. Turn guests into celebrities, sports superstars and world travelers - they will be totally engaged and completely amazed with their one-of-a-kind gifts.

Get a free sample and see what the buzz is about.

THE VALUE???????????
You get what you pay for. And lots, lots more.

We have said it before and we will say it again - one price, no limits. Simple as that.

Fantastic entertainment value, high-quality favors - Green Screen has it all. And our perfectly flexible, all-inclusive package pricing makes it easy to get everything you need and more for just a single booking fee.

Sweet deal? We think so.

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Posted by Kyle; updated 07/26/12