Quinceanera Dresses And Tuxes!

Im starting to plan my quinceanera im so excited!! so for my damita dresses its going to be one girl is going to have a lavender dress and the other one is going to have a pale blue dress nd the other ones going to have a lavender dress nd the other ones going to have a pale blue dress and so on. The dress is going to be one sholder with a slit on the bottom and i want the dress to have silver on it like on the strap of the sleve or on the bottom of the boobs lol nd i want them to wear silver heels. Then the chambalanes i want them to have maybe grey tuxes with the opposite vest tie or shirt? Then have a pocket hankerchief that makes the girl and the girls have flowers that match the boys? Then i was thinking of wearing a silver dress not too silver though like a whitish silver nd then have my grandma add some like blue and purple jewls or sumthin? nd then my chambelean to have a silver tie or vest? and then i dont knoe if he should have a black tux on the be diffrent from the other guys ?any other suggestions and ideass help?
Posted by Jazmin; updated 05/16/12


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Posted by Gmara; updated 05/22/12