Brides Maids 30 Day Proven Weight Loss Package

I am a nutrition coach whose clients have lost weight within days and weeks through i program I have personally used and bought (not expensive) and PERSONALLY had great success with. Not focused on doing network marketing...but focused only on weight loss and overall clean feeling and energy. Its simple and delicious and economical and anyone in a wedding party who wants to lose weigh FAST before the beautiful day and look and feel great. First people I approached friends were BRIDES MAIDS! l thought of how many gals I have known who so want to look slimmer and healthier. One friend lost 17 pounds in 12 days, another 8 pounds in 7 days, 25 pounds in 31 days. I know..fantastic and the company has had steady growth up for ten years. Totally safe and you can be on any meds. I am avail to talk. Best,
Posted by steven karash; updated 04/30/12


I am looking for something like this and this sounds great.
Can i set up a meeting on the phone?
Thank you.
Posted by FRAN; updated 04/30/12