Espresso & Tea Catering

Latte’ 2 a Tea Espresso & Tea Catering
Serving Columbus OH since 2000

At Latte’ 2 a Tea we bring “The Coffee House to You!”.

An open bar for two hours, try as many coffee or tea drinks as you wish. This service helps down play alcohol and compliments any dessert bar.

Freshly roasted espresso and steamed milk become latte’ or cappuccino mix and match flavors and create your own special drink. We have a line of imported teas to satisfy the tea loving crowd. These drinks can be served hot or iced. We can also provide fruit smoothies and blended coffee drinks!

Latte’, Cappuccino, Mocha, English Toffee, French vanilla, Irish Cream, Hazelnut, raspberry, almond and an assortment sugar free selections.
Imported teas: Black, green, decaffeinated, herbal, chai.

We also provide signature drinks. Choose your favorite flavor name it something fun and this is the signature drink for your event.
We provide all of the flavors but the signature drink puts the focus on your event.

Special requests soy, chai, imported teas and coffee?? Just ask
Maureen Mahoney
"The Coffee Lady"
Latte 2 a Tea Espresso & Tea Catering

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