Philippines Singles Tours

Cebu Exclusive Holiday

We give our clients an exciting and unique travel and holiday experience which is difficult to rival anywhere else in the world. Our Philippines singles tours will be of particular interest to single men who are maybe taking a holiday to escape from business pressure, or for newly retired, widowed and still active men who have an interest in adventure activities and in creating new relationships in their lives. Our Philippines singles tours offer a chance to experience something very different from the standard type of singles holiday.

All of our activities are carefully selected on the basis of local knowledge and experience. There is therefore no trial and error in the choice of things one might chose to do in a new location. We pre-pay and fully organize the events and activities that you will undertake. We also schedule all your events with pre-selected companions and we provide transport support (plus security if this is identified as an issue). Your Philippines singles tour will be overseen by your own personal manager and she will be available to support you throughout your stay to ensure that your schedule runs smoothly.

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Posted by Mr. Day; updated 01/11/12