Espresso & Tea Catering

Latte’ 2 a Tea
Espresso and Tea Catering

Espresso & Tea Catering for the Holidays
Keep your guests safe
Our service helps down play alcohol at your event

Holiday espresso drinks such as; Snowman latte’, candy cane latte’, gingerbread latte’, sugar cookie latte’, pumpkin spice latte’, these are only a few of the specialty drinks you can choose from for your holiday hosting party.

An espresso bar compliment’s the holiday cookie tray perfectly!

Create your own signature drink for your event.
We provide everything you will need to make your event memorable
An open espresso, coffee and tea bar for two hours of unlimited service. Freshly roasted ground beans become smooth, creamy espresso when combined with steamed milk, creates a latte’ or cappuccino.
We can also provide a bulk beverage service.

Give your guests something to talk about!!!.


Visit our page for more info: Latte'' 2 a Tea Espresso & Tea Catering

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