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Latte 2 a Tea
Espresso & Tea Catering

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Serving Columbus, OH since 2000

Success is a choice, choose the best!

We bring the coffee house to you!

Latte’ 2 a Tea would like to contribute to your events success by providing the finest, freshly roasted espresso and imported teas. Prepared within seconds of ordering, this guarantees freshness, individual attention and exceptional service for each guest. We also provide fruit smoothies and blended coffee drinks

This service is wonderful for weddings, graduations, employee appreciations & holiday gatherings and many more. We help revive your employees and perk-up those dreary meetings, training sessions and conferences.

We are confident you will agree with our many happy clients that you made the best choice for espresso and tea catering; one that people will talk about long after it’s over.

Savor the Moment

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