Bellydancing New York City

For the best Egyptian belly dancing on the East coast, hire Saiedah- Authentic Egyptian Style belly dancer. This talented entertainer performs the original style of Egyptian belly dance rarely seen in the United States. Every performance is improvised as to capture the true essence of this beautiful art form. Crave the gorgeous, beautifully fringed Arabian Nights, pharaonic costumes? Saiedah`s outfits are always well made and intricately decorated to properly accent every shimmy and shake of her dance sequence. Natives of Egypt and Lebanon, remember the good old days when belly dancers performed with grace and emotional expression? Saiedah will bring back sweet memories as she dances to authentic, earthy Arabic music and utilizes her excellent improvisational skills and entrances you with her sweet demeanor. Saiedah is the QUEEN of belly dance!!

Saiedah only takes on events that are held in establishments so please no house requests. Hire Saiedah today for your high end event!!

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Posted by Saiedah; updated 09/05/11