Authentic Premier NY/NJ Belly Dancer

Having a wedding, corporate event or Arabian Nights themed gala? Hire, Saiedah- Authentic Egyptian Arabic Style Belly dancer, for the best high caliber belly dancing in New York! Authentic, vivacious, exotic and traditional, Saiedah is praised by Arabs and Americans alike. Witness belly dancing in its purest form!

Saiedah`s professionalism and attention to detail set her apart from the modern day belly dancer. Costumes are reminiscent of old Cairo as they are heavily sequined, fringed and decorated. This is the AUTHENTIC style of belly dance with no insignificant western props or techno influenced music. Saiedah prefers to showcase her talents in respectable venues that are well known and/or appreciative of this art form. You will not regret your decision after hiring Authentic Arabic style Belly dancer- Saiedah!! Contact Saiedah to hire her for your next high end event!

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Posted by Saiedah; updated 08/27/11