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We are highly experienced and dedicated Bar Mitzvah tutors working with a Rabbi and a Cantor, offering Bar Mitzvah lessons to prepare students for their Bar/ Bat Mitzvah ceremony, while conducting Bar Mitzvah training at home anywhere in the world. We use the most innovative computer video conferencing technology which allows for highly effective one on one Bar Mitzvah lessons with a Bar Mitzvah tutor.
Our Bar/Bat Mitzvah lessons are:
• Affordable
• Effective
• Convenient, easy and fun
• Provides Jewish enrichment

Very reasonable tuition for Bar Mitzvah lessons as well as affordable Bar/Bat ceremony fee.

Every Bar Mitzvah tutor is highly experienced. Our Bar Mitzvah lessons implements the most effective Bar Mitzvah training meticulously adjusted to each individual student’s learning ability.

Easy To Learn:
Today’s students relate very well to information presented to them on a computer screen. They thrive on individualized attention of the Bar Mitzvah tutor during the Bar Mitzvah lessons

Students and parents do not have to travel anywhere to meet with their Bar Mitzvah tutor for their Bar Mitzvah lessons.

Judaically Enriching:
The Bar Mitzvah tutor incorporates into the Bar/Bat lessons basic Jewish principals and values, including the significance and relevance of the Bar/Bat Mitzvah ceremony to our modern times.

True Understanding of The Bar /Bat Mitzvah Celebration:
Our Bar/Bat Mitzvah lessons are meant to encourage the student to continue his/her Jewish journey beyond the Bat Mitzvah training.

Rabbi David Degani
Bar/Bat Mitzvah Lessons

Visit our page for more info: Rabbi David Degani and Cantor Lee Degani

Posted by David Degani; updated 08/25/11