Has Anyone Used Them

I want a maggie Sottero Hampton but the cost of this dress is over 1000 which i cannot spend. I need something under 500 but am set on the hampton. They sell the knock off or replica for 177.00 has anyone had experience with this site, I cant find many reviews or anything on them and would love to get a dress this cheap but wondering if its worth the gamble.
Posted by jennifer; updated 01/06/10


I would give a thumb up for I bought mine in 1 year ago. The price is unbelievable low so at first I thought that is a scam. After I exchange several emails with their customer service, I decide to give it a try.

It takes totally five weeks for the dress to be tailored and delivered. It is with very good quality and fits very well. It is definitely a good deal. I would give a thumb up for
Posted by Maggie; updated 08/17/13