WANTED: Kirstie Kelly For Disney J2909 Size 10-14

This in her collection four. I`ve been looking every where and cannot seem to find it. If any one has one, or knows where I can get one. Please contact me.
Posted by Heather; updated 04/04/09


Hello Heather,

We at Bridal Outlet World would love to talk with you about the possiblity of having your dream Kiristie Kelly For Disney J2909 gown custom made. Our manufacturer does amazing work creating designer inspired gowns at a cost far less than the designer original. Your gown will be made according to your personal measurements, which alleviates the need for costly alterations. Your gown will arrive already tailor fitted to you. The manufacturer uses only the highest quality bridal fabrics available, all gowns are fully lined, have boned bodice, and all are hand beaded. In addition you will receive photos of your gown throughout the manufacturing process, starting with the pattern mock up gown. If at anytime there are any changes you want made you just let us know, and we will have them made and new photos issued. Your gown WILL NOT ship from the manufacturer until you give your final approval. We are the only company that keeps you so involved in the production of your gown, but we feel that this helps ensure that your gown turns out exactly like you want it to.
Please feel free to contact us at anytime to discuss the possiblilies of creating your dream gown. Our email address is sales@bridaloutletworld.com or our toll free number is 1-877-272-4781. I look forward to hearing from you soon.
Congratulations on your engagement.


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Posted by Pam; updated 04/06/09


Just wondering if you may be interested in a custom made wedding gown similar to the style you like . If so, please visit our website at http://www.juliusbridal.com to see our dress quality and workmanship, or see our feedback from current and former brides at http://www.juliusbridal.com/forums. All of our dresses are professionally made using high quality fabric.

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We also make custom styles that are not featured on our website.

Our showroom is also available (by appointment) if you are near New York. Please google us if you want to see our feedbacks from previous buyers. Please visit our website or email info@juliusbridal.com for more information.

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Posted by mimi; updated 04/08/09