Chiavari Chairs In Orlando - Central Florida Area

I am looking for chiavari chairs in the orlando fl area for around $5, can anyone give me a name, phone number or email

Posted by Sabiah; updated 04/03/09


We are slightly higher than $5.00 but send me an email we`ll see if we can help you out.

Ann Taylor
A Chair Affair, Inc.
401 Newtech Ct., Ste. 101
Debary, FL 32713

Visit our page for more info: A Chair Affair Inc

Posted by Ann Taylor; updated 01/14/10


I saw the chairs from Brelex and they were very badly damaged (chips and cracks, etc)

I actually spent about a month looking for an nice affordable ballroom Chiavari chair rentals place in Orlando FL and Central Florida area. We finally found this local family owned vendor and used them for our wedding in Novemeber and delivery went smoothly. For their quality, they had the best prices in Orlando FL for Chiavari chairs including cushions. They had Gold, Silver, White and Mahogany Chiavari colors available. I saw other vendors chairs and they were very badly chipped or stained.
The owners were a friendly married couple who were very personal and attentive.

I have pictures from my wedding with the chairs in the background if you want to see them.

I think they have locations in NYC, DC, MD, VA and Chicago IL too.
Posted by Alice; updated 12/09/15