Wedding Budget $3000 Need Help!!

I have been planning my wedding for over a year now and i`m starting to think that it will never happen with the prices i keep seeing. I am trying to stick to a budget of $3000. I have already bought my invitations on sale for $5/box(20 count in 1 box). I`m doing my own flowers, favors, centerpieces, and i`m having farm fresh cater my food. I have found someone to do my hair and make up and i`ve picked out a simple gown form david`s bridal for $250. I am also having my ceremony in my church but when it comes down to the reception i keep running into prices that are out of this world for a 2 hr reception. I`ve looked at hotels, banquet halls,community center you name it but i am just not willing to pay $1500 for 2 hrs. My entire wedding consists of 90 people and the wedding date for now is September 2010 in Virginia. Please help I just need a reception site or ideas of where i could possibly hold my reception. Thanks in advance!
Posted by Gigi; updated 03/29/09


Hi i read your post and know lots of people that run into this. I am in south dakota and can not help with your room .however i can give some ideas that have worked for other brides. I have And i work with lots of brides. Is there any hunting lodges in your area?i know the ones here only rent for about 300.00 a night these are the kinds of places you can look also golf courses usually run a little cheaper or comunity halls. Please let me know if this helps you.dee
Posted by dee; updated 04/05/09


Have you checked with the city you live in? I live in Mass & you can get a permit to hold your function in a city park (we have a couple of nice ones where I am) & just rent a wedding tent. If you check with city hall they could tell you if they offer this & what is required and September would be gorgeous to have the reception in a park with fall foliage. You could get some beautiful pictures! Good luck!
Posted by Carolle; updated 04/08/09


I am in Florida, and have opted to do a simple wedding (even though the guest list is about 100 people).

I am having the ceremony at a local garden (rent for $190.00 for 2 hours)

Then having the reception at a local neighborhood clubhouse. I`m paying $300 for the day of the reception and $25 to book it the day before for setup.... I know that the prices a about the same throughout this area of neighborhood clubhouses, i can`t imagine it`d be too much more if you can find a place near your church.
Posted by katherine_dombi; updated 05/02/09