AV 9069

Hi I`d like to know if you have AV 9069!

Thanks so much!

Posted by Vivien; updated 01/24/09


Just wondering you may be interested in custom made the wedding gown in any style you like. If so, please visit our website at http://www.juliusbridal.com to see our works and details, or see our feedbacks at http://www.juliusbridal.com/forums. They are all high quality materials and professionally made.

Want to see more pictures of the famous people, actresses or real brides in our dresses? Please go to http://forums.juliusbridal.com/phpbb2/viewforum.php?f=3&sid=4f31aeb9b500ab7a6cc7509d3abea1d4.

We do custom style orders as well.

Showroom is also available for appointment only if you are near New York. Please google us if you want to see our feedbacks from previous buyers.

Visit our page for more info: Julius Bridal

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Posted by Mimi; updated 01/27/09