Black Male Strippers

I`m having a Bachelorette Party Feb. 6th 2009 and I am seeking two black male strippers. If you are available.

Details include nude or not, provide own music,expenses
Posted by Shakira; updated 12/27/08



I am 6 Feet 2 Tall male stripper based in Miami. Can travel to your place if you confirm in advance. I shall not be charging you the travel cost. I have a fit body and i am well endowed.
Charges are reasonable for the perfomance and shall work from there on tips. I can play various games, use costumes and any other things you suggest. Time shall not be a constraint. I can get a friend along since you require 2 strippers. I can go nude, infact no limit as long as the ladies are comfortable.

Waiting for your reply

Posted by Jose Mathews; updated 01/07/09


I have access to black male strippers in Chicago. . Thanks!
Posted by Kim; updated 01/20/09