Need Male Stripper For 6/14! Binghamton, NY

I`m looking for a male stripper for a bachlorette party, preferably between the ages of 22-28ish. There`ll be about 10 girls, and the party will be located in Binghamton. We were hoping to go with a cop "theme" :)
Posted by Jen; updated 03/05/08


We have Officer "Big Stick" available in Binghamton to come and cite your party for noise disturbance. Call us at 866-40-DANCE and lets get your party planned and reserved!

Our male dancers do lapdances, whip cream races, body shots, blind fold games and bring their own music, whip cream and oil......Dont mess with the rest, go with the Best.....


Visit our page for more info: Breathtakers Entertainment

Posted by Justin; updated 03/10/08



Rates are a secondary thing, and can be negotiated but it is the performance which should wow the audience and satisfy their expectations. Hence please go for the one where u think is quality and can give you the best customized show u can think of.

Posted by Jose; updated 03/12/08


Hi Jen, 6`4`` muscular build, blue me at *****@aol for pics and rates
Posted by Joe; updated 03/20/08


Do you have an email?
Posted by RR; updated 03/21/11


A bridal shower for my niece. My surprise gift to her is male entertainment. A cop show would be fine Sat Aug 11 @ 11am. 12:00 or after would be good
Posted by Debbie; updated 07/27/18