Low-Income Individual Asking For Help

I am 42 yr. Old woman ask for your help, After 7yrs. With a" wonderful man`, I am to be married for the first time until death do we seperate. I wish I could have the catholic wedding my grandmother would have wanted but unfortunately our income will not permit . Iam on disability and due to my disabilty my husband to be cares for me at home. I so much want to have a wedding evey girl dreams of. This is where I am asking for help,If there is any one able to help us with donations of flowers, someone willing to help low-income payment plan for us to beable to have ring`s,and possible discounts for me to have a wedding dress. I would be so ever grateful.Thank You for your consideration,Sincerly (Mrs.) Patience Slinker (to be)
Posted by patience falise; updated 02/26/08


I have been searching along time for Patience Falise. I ran across this website. Not sure if you can help. But if there`s any way possible to connect the two of us my email is mojojojojo1973@gmail.com . This is not a joke. I miss her terribly. Please help. Thank you so much sincerely JoannMcmillen
Posted by JoAnn McMillen; updated 05/21/16