Mini Verdi Spamante Asti Bottles (6.3 Fl Oz)

My daughter is getting married and we are looking for mini champagne bottles to put on the tables for the toast. She saw them at a wedding they went to but we can not find them on the web anywhere. All I know is it is Verde Spumante Canelli Asti made in Springfield NJ. They are 6.3 fl oz bottles.
Any help would be graetly appreciated
Posted by Donna; updated 02/25/08


I`m not sure if it`s too late to help you, but I`m trying to do the same thing. We`ve found them through the Total Wine chain store. They sell both the full bottles and the splits (the smaller ones you`re referring to). Check with the one in your area (hopefully you have one), and they should be able to give you all of the info! Hope that helps!
Posted by briezygator; updated 06/30/08