Fantastic Erotic Cake, They Have It All In Chicago Illin

My name is Tabatha; I live in heart of Chicago Illinois. What can I say that you can’t find out by going to their site, or calling them on the 24/7 line. They gave me a exotic cake with four hour notice & delivered it right to my front door. This cake reminds me of the cake I got in Las Vegas a few years ago, I talked to the sales girl Joyce, she said it was her chain that made the same our cake some time ago. They are the only chain I have seen that looks after their customer so much, follow up calls, sends pictures of the cake if need, everything a customer can ask for
Very Satisfied customer Tabby thanks you.
Posted by Barbara Ackerman; updated 02/24/08


We have a fantastic Custom Christmas Gingerbread house idea, so we went to this web site that we found.

I think they are the only one that can make me a gingerbread house in the shape a Atlantic city new Jersey. We are from New York City Manhattan. We are having a big Christmas party on the stip in New Jersey Atlantic city, and we came up with this idea to replicate the Monopoly Game board. They went through some concepts with me on the phone, fax and email pictures, and I hired them. I already got some of the samples back by email, wow all look incredible, passing go and they seem to be right on target.

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Posted by jeffgold; updated 11/21/10