Please be very cautious of someone who will contact you through phone (relay-deaf/hearing impaired services), during our relay conversation, our phone call was interrupted by an relay operator informing me that my caller was being fraudulant, and that I should hang up immediately. I was then contacted by the same person through e-mail a few hours later. This con placed a VERY large order, gave me a credit card number, and asked that I add a $800 shipping cost for the items, and to add $100 for my trouble. I was instructed to send the $800 to their own shipping company, and that the shipping company would personally pick up the items and that they would ship them to Canada. LUCKILY, I AM NO FOOL, and noticed the con immediately. If it sounds to good to be true, It is!!
This person was very persistent, and as soon as I insisted that money be sent through Paypal, she never wrote back- KATE COKER - Fruit4love (e-mail address)

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Posted by Adina; updated 02/20/08