Make Money For Prom

Prom is an exciting time in your life, and you want the best. But it can get Costly.

I sell prom gowns, promote my website to your prom friends and earn 20.00 on each gown purchased thru your friends,

We will provide you with 100.00 gift cards to give to your friends for free, you will have a unique code and when someone uses your code you will receive 20.00,

We will provide everything FREE to you all you have to do is hand them out.

You can either use your money to purchase a gown thru us or get a check in the mail.

You will receive a special web address where you can track your earnings,

If your interested e-mail me, tr***


Great way to make money for PROM, or What ever.
Posted by Mark; updated 11/27/07


I tried emailing you, but for some reason your email adress did not work.I am interested in this great way to get money, since everyone in my school is going crazy over finding a place to get dresses.May I please have more information?
Posted by Natia; updated 04/17/10


I am very interested but can u use these gift card any where
Posted by Denise; updated 10/13/12