Cinnamon Bridesmaid Dresses And Flowers To Go With Them

My daughter is have cinnamon bridesmaid dresses. The men are wearing brown tuxes. Her dress is white. She does not want to have the girls dye shoes so she is having them wear brown sandals. Do you think this will look ok (they have long dresses). She also does not know what color flowers to have them and her carry. She likes small bouquet like c.lillies.
Any suggestions? Her wedding is in November.
Posted by Nancy; updated 06/14/07


If the dresses are long then brown sandals will probably look fine. A gold sandal might be really nice to coordinate with the cinnamon, depending on the material of the dress.

Having the girls carry a few white callas lilies tied with a ribbon that coordinates with their dresses would be very pretty and tie the white and cinnamon together. Your daughter could carry white callas or maybe flame colored callas that would coordinate with her bridesmaids.
Posted by ChiGirl; updated 06/22/07


Where did your daughter find her cinnamon bridesmaid dresses? Who was the designer?
Posted by Sarah; updated 01/16/09