Retirement Candy Bar Poem

I am looking for the candy bar poem for a retirement
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Retirement Candy Gram
WOW, Your PAYDAY is finally here. After all these years of rolling up your sleeves, ROCKY ROADS, MOUNDS of work, you are finally able to LOOK for SKITTLES of fun things to do. WERTHER or not you hit 5TH AVENUE or fly to MARS to do the CHARLESTON, we know that you will be CAREFREE and have a NUTRAGEOUS retirement with, ZERO thoughts of the work CRUNCH!
We really SKORed big having you to work with (for). So you`re the REISEN for our celebration, our wishes for your ALMOND JOYful retirement after all the GOOD & PLENTY of work you have done. Your a SPECIAL TREASURES to us , the best BAR NONE! You are worth a MINT!

Here are some extras to add in as needed:
When it`s Zero outside, you add warmth with your friendship. (Zero candy)

Thank you for putting your heart into everything. (Candy hearts)

Thank you for being a red hot friend! (Red Hots)

You are a Life Saver to me!! (Life savers)

You add pop to my life! (popcorn)

You are a prize to me! (cracker jacks)

You`re the apple of my eye. (Apple jolly ranchers)

You`re a star that bursts with friendship! (Starburst)

"Twix" you and me, you`re doing a great job! Keep up the good work! (Twix bar)

Bar none - You`re the best! (Bar None candy)

Here`s a kiss and a hug for someone special! (Hershey hugs & kisses)

Thanks for adding "Joy" to my life! (Almond Joy)

You`re a star in my galaxy! (Milky Way)

It`s a real treat to know you! (any candy)

You deserve an extra Day! (Pay Day)

You never Snicker at anyone`s needs. Thanks for being a friend! (Snickers)

Thanks for your whopper ideas! (Whopper candies)

You`re making a Mound of a difference! (Mounds)

You`re a real slugger! (Baby Ruth)

You`re worth even more than 100 Grand! (100 Grand candy bar)

You`re worth your weight in chocolate! (chocolate candy bar)

You more precious than gold! (gold wrapped chocolate candy)

We didn`t know WERTHER or not you knew how special you are to us! (Werther’s Original)

When it comes to friends, you`re worth a mint! (Peppermints)

This place would be a zoo without you! (animal crackers)

We`d be in knots without you! (pretzels) We`re nuts about you! (Peanuts)
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Can you come up with a retirement candy bar poster for a grandpa from his grandkids.
Posted by Sheryl; updated 01/10/18