Wedding Under $2,000.00

I`m planning a wedding in August, 2007. Because of different problems ariseing I do not hasve the money to finish my reception. Dose anyone have any Ideas for Cheap decorations or any decorations they would like to donate.
My colors are navy, burgandy, cream, & silver
Posted by Donna Joyner; updated 04/03/07


We do hall decorating in canada and right now any fabric draping is really popular but if you are on a budget I would suggest buying some 20" air filled mylar star balloons and hanging them from the ceiling. We normally use 12 to 15 and hang them at different heights over the dance floor area. In our store they sell for $3.50 to $4.50 but I have seen them some places in the states for as little as $2.00 ea. Also 3 balloons tied to a weight is an inexpensive centerpeice about $5.00 to $6.50 but really gives the room a full festive look. Balloons are available in some really soft pearl colours so they can look really elegant. Marlene
Posted by marlene; updated 04/04/07