Burnt Orange

I`m getting married August 24, 2007 and I want the Bridesmaid dresses to be Burnt Orange. I just Love the color. Unfortunately I`m not sure what color will compliment it. Also waht color sahll the Groomsmen wear?? Balck Tux with Burnt Orange Vests and Ties?? HELP ME!!!
Posted by Cha; updated 01/25/07


Yes.... Let the men wear black with orange vest. You can use yellow, orange/red, burgandy olive green, sage green..... As the accent color. Good luck! I am a wedding planner, if you need anymore help. Email me at wyck418@aol.com
Posted by KIM; updated 01/26/07


Congrats! on your upcoming wedding
Burnt Orange is a great color
Burnt orange and gold
Burnt orange and cream
Burnt orange and chocolate brown
Burnt orange and white
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Posted by Retha; updated 01/26/07


I love burnt orange. You can mix it with sage/lime green flowers and it looks lovely together. Green Roses (Yes, they actually come in that shade)Lime green spider mums, lime green button pom pom are all great choices to mix with burnt orange roses, or burnt orange mini calla lilys. Check out my website for more flower ideas. Http://www.lorisflowers.com
Good Luck and have a great wedding.

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Posted by Lori; updated 01/26/07


Might want to ask your bridesmaids if they want to wear all burnt orange? maybe you can throw the color in the theme, without them wearing it? and browns are great with burnt orange and even red is good. But i think too many mixtures of colors could be overwhelming. But i applaud your sense of boldness! congrats! we are going to be wed in june and plan on night colors for ours. Beccah
Posted by Beccah; updated 01/27/07


Just giving you some information....my wedding is in October of 07 and I am doing my girls in burnt orange, and the guys in chocolate brown tuxs. Chocolate brown in a tux is extremely hard to find, but a wedding boutique I went to today just got their new cataloge in from Stephen Geoffrey and there is a chocolate brown tux #282. It`s so gorgeous. They are having vests to match the girls dresses. By the way my girls dresses are from Alfred Angelo...whose burnt orange color is perfect!
Posted by Rachel; updated 02/02/07


Thanx for all the great ideas ladies.

Rachel I saw a dress by Alfred Angelo and I totally love it.
Posted by Cha; updated 02/02/07


I was thinking about using burnt orange myself and saw some really pretty pictures of lilies that were orange. I`m going to use a dark purple to go with it. They usually have vests and ties that are an eggplant type shade. Good luck!
Posted by adrienne; updated 02/21/07


I was going to use burnt orange & dark brown as my colors. I got the idea from David`s Bridal last fall in one of their photo shoots on the web-site. The girls had on burnt orange dresses w/ either brown sashes across the waist tied into a bow. Or they were mixed & matched dresses (burnt orange top, dark brown skirt.) They had the guys displayed as wearing black tuxes w/ burnt orange vests or black tuxes w/ dark brown vests. I know dark brown & black sounds like it wouldn`t go together..but it looked VERY nice. Hope this helped & good luck!!!
Posted by April; updated 03/03/07



One of the most striking colors with burnt orange is burgundy...or aubergine. It can be quite elegant. You should have several choices of flowers in August.

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I am getting married Sept. 29. Any my colors are burnt orange and chocolate brown. I let me girls choose between Burnt orange dress and chocolate dress. And then I will stagar them as needed. This way the girls can choose which color they look better in.
Posted by Danielle; updated 04/12/07


I am getting married on 31st August 2007, and I have alfred angelo burnt orange dresses. I want the ushers to wear a burnt orange tie but have had no luck in finding ones that are a good match. Has anyone come across a burnt orange tie which is a good match??
Posted by Gemma; updated 05/09/07


Gemma, Check out: http://www.jimsformalwear.com/

They have Burnt Orange (Cinnamon) ties and Vests, and tey match perfectly with the dresses.

They are:
Fullback Vests
By Jean Yves

Windsor Ties
By Jean Yves

The tie is AWESOME!!!
Posted by Cha; updated 05/09/07


Hi I am getting married on July 26th 2008.. I really want my bridesmaid to wear burnt orange.. Favorite colr and want to have bright yellow flowers.. Do you think this wil look right? or culd you give me some idea as to what willlook good.. Idont want my wedding looking to fallish looking
Posted by Dena; updated 06/23/07


My wedding colors are burnt orange and ivory. I think the yellow are orange flowers will look great. I have picked yellow and orange tiger lillies that look great together.
Posted by KAY; updated 09/29/07


I am going round for the bridesmaid and flowergirl dresses and i really liked a burnt orange dress for the bridesmaid and a white dress (to match my dress) with an orange sasch for the flowergirl. What colour i should choose for their shoes, jewellery and the flowers? I prefer not to choose any gold as i am going to be wearing silver jewellery. I thought of keeping the colours to white, burnt orange and silver.
Posted by Paula; updated 10/25/07


I am getting married August 16, 2008 and I have picked orange and yellow as my two colors... I am having trouble finding the perfect bridesmaid dress though.. Does any one know a good place to look for orange or yellow summer bridesmaid dresses?
Posted by Samantha Prince; updated 11/07/07


Alfred Angelo has a good selection of orange colors to choose from for bridesmaid dresses.
Posted by Jaimie; updated 11/29/07


I am also using Burnt orange(presimmon) but I am having a hard time choosing my accent color. I was going with chocolate but every one said that was to dark. What do you think about orange and Fusia? Does it matter what color your banquest hall is? My wedding is in two months.
Posted by shauna; updated 12/24/07


Hi! I am getting married in the fall of 2009 and I want my bridemaids to wear burnt orange. But I can`t find dresses in the color I want. Where did you find yours?
Posted by Heidi; updated 01/10/08


Hi. Im getting married in May and have ordered burnt orange BM dresses from forever yours with a chocolate Brown sash!! I also ordered matching cravats for the men which you can also order from forever yours!! Its a great colour and the chocolate compliments it very well.
Posted by Donna; updated 01/25/08