Having A Protestant And Catholic Wedding

Hi. My fiance and I are planning to get married in January of next year. The thing is I am Protestant and he is Catholic. I was wondering if someone could tell me if it is possible to have a priest and a pastor take part in a wedding held in a Protestant church. If someone could tell me I would really appreciate it!!!
Posted by April; updated 02/21/03


Perhaps you should consult both the parish priest and the Presbyterian minister to determine if they are even willing to do this type of ceremony; some aren`t.
Posted by Elizabeth; updated 02/21/03


My husband and I were in the same situation. I believe the protestant pastor would be fine with it. However, many Catholics are required to marry in the Catholic church for the marriage to be recognized by the church. You and your fiance need to talk to both the pastor and his priest to see their views on this. Good luck! PS. Make sure you and your fiance are completely aware of each others duties as a protestant and Catholic before getting married. To this day, my husband and I struggle somewhat with the differences, and when it is time for children the differences really come out! i.e. If the child is baptised Catholic, You are promising to bring up the child in the Catholic faith.
Ask about these things befor you get married. It will save a lot of heartach later.
Congrats on your upcoming wedding. Sincerely, Leah

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Posted by Leah; updated 02/22/03