Boy`s 16th Birthday Bash

I need some help with ideas for a boy`s 16 party decorating, favors ,center pieces & an alternate to the candle lighting.Since the show my super sweet 16 guys are getting into having parties. My son attended a sweet 16 for a girl and decided he would like to have something simular. We haven`t decided on a theme or colors yet .It will probably be dressy casual dress.
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For my son`s party which will be this year, we will have a NEON DANCE AND SWIM PARTY. Children who want to swim must be there between 5-7pm. The NEON dance party starts afterwards from 8-12pm. First, there are personalized laminates for invitations that you must present to enter. The swim party takes place outside and we will have the regular, hot dogs, burgers and pizza, gatorade and water. The dance portion will require everyone to wear something white because of the neon. We are giving neon party favors (rings, bracelets, necklaces etc). The entire outside will be lit up with neon. Games such as guess Kyle`s birth weight (put a dollar in the pot and the closet guess wins the pot), guess another name that Kyle could have been named etc; just something different.
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My son is also turning 16 in May and I am having a big scavenager hunt. There is about 50 kids anf the kids are in a groups of 5. They have to go all over town looking for clues or doing something to get a clue. Example go to the police station and singing a song to get to the next clue to help my son find his new car. The group that finds all the clues also gets a nice gift. But everybody will get something. It will take a lot of time but it will keep everybody busy and lets me have time to set everything up for the party back at the house. I will serve. Pizza, grilled food and susui (my sons favorite). Oh well that is what I came up with.
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If you decide to go the neon or blacklight route, we have face and body painters that work in blacklight paints. They can do our elaborate designs in the blacklight paint. You could hire dancers or servers to be painted in the blacklight paint for that portion of the event.
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You can do a Prince theme. I seen a video on "My Super Sweet Sixteen" where a boy celebrated his 16th birthday titled "Birthday Bash". His theme was a "Prince" from the movie "Coming to America", Staring Eddie Murphy.
Posted by Lourdes; updated 12/22/08