Route 66 Theme Party

Have a client who mom is turning 66, I came up with a Route 66 Theme, but need some help with some ideas on decorations, favors,
Posted by Rechelle; updated 08/10/06


We have a Teacher Appreciation every year at our Church and this year is Route 66.

My ideas are not complete yet and I plan for a year but this is what I have currently.

Black and white checker table clothes , Just material from the fabric store. Red table runners.

I have been collecting diecast 50`s cars all year but you can as people if they have any. I will put 4 1/24 scale cars on clear plastic containers plus smaller cars on each side of the center piece.

Center piece is a Route 66 sign out of styrofoam glued to a small dowel with a flower base.

We use clear plastic plates and faux chrome silverware we get at the local party rental shop and red and black napkins.

We have a band at our church and they will dress in jeans, shirts with the sleeves rolled up and play 50`s music. You can just play CD`s.

We have a local car club that will park 50`s cars out in front, you could get one or two if you ask around people with 50`s cars love to display them any where.

Good luck with your birthday party and I hope this has helped.
Posted by MKILPATRICK; updated 01/27/11