Need Hydrangea Wedding Centerpiece Idea

I am planning a Auguast wedding and our colors are silver and lilac/purple. Does any one have any ideas for making table centerpieces with Hydrangeas. Please write and let me know
Posted by Marcie; updated 12/26/05


Hi, I`m also having my wedding in August ...planning on having lots of hydrangeas also. Im thinking of having short glass vases for the centerpieces ..full of hydrangeas. Simple but beautiful. Please let me know if you come up with any neat ideas and I will do the same! Good luck. Thank you. - Shawn
Posted by Shawnell; updated 12/26/05


Hi Marcie,

Daisy Days has pre-made hydrangea centerpieces at We also offer a complete designer wedding collection (called "Romance Blooms") wedding invitations, programs and more that would match your hydrangea wedding theme.

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions or if I can help you find products for your wedding. Have a great day!

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Posted by Sarah; updated 12/29/05


I found a pretty Hydrangea centerpiece idea that I may use. Check it out here:********
Posted by Holly; updated 01/13/08