What Are The Junior Bride And Groom For?

We are planning our wedding and it is a whold 8 months away. The only thing so far that we are disagreeing on is the junior bride and groom. So i need to know what exactly is their business in a wedding, what are they supposed to do?
Posted by jamie & brad; updated 09/26/02


No, I think she said what she meant - a "Junior Bride" & "Junior Groom". In some cases, they are children too old to play the traditional role of flower girl & ring bearer (around 8-12). In other cases, they are children who are given special roles & symbolism in the wedding, particularly in the case of a single-parent bringing children into the marriage. The person(s) MOST special and close to their hearts, prior to being swept off their feet by the new love of their lives, are their children and they express that during the wedding by giving them this role. Most of the time they dress like a miniature-version of the bride and/or groom and participate in the candle-lighting, etc. Again, as a symbol of the joining or "marrying" of the original family (parent/child) to the new family (parent/child/step-parent). This is espcially nice/special/significant if its a mother/daughter and the groom will be adopting the daughter. Or even when their is some jealousy on the child`s part & fear that the new spouse-to-be will in some way "take away" their parent or change the way he/she and their parent related before, when it was just the two of them. I know I felt that way when my mother married - `cause it was just the 2 of us for 24-year (yes, I said 24-years ;-) Back to the "real kids" - Some folks have a real issue with this one . . . Having the children dress like miniatures and all, but remember - its just a "symbol" or "gesture" of the significants the children play or will play in the couple`s life (no proversions intended here, just the JOINING or better yet, CREATING a new family). It is even more lovely at photo time when the groom poses in photos between the mother (bride) and her daughter (Jr Bride). Oh yeah - the Jr Bride is also usually escorted by a like-aged male, who is in turn referred to as the Jr Groom or Jr Groomsmen. Adding in the Jr B & G do not force you to have to remove the flower girl & ring-bearer. Everyone know (or at least should know) to keep in mind that the bride always has the final word (along with the MOB), and ALL symbols can be explained in the wedding program!!! All the best in your planning!
Posted by Spider Spicelin; updated 11/08/02