Fear Factor B`day Party Game Ideas Needed For 13yr Boy

We are wanting to throw a "fear factor" type party for a group of 12-13 year old boys & girls (approx. 13-22). Please share your ideas. Also, if you have ever attended a party with this theme, please share your experience. I just want to make this the best party for him to start his teenage years!!!! Thanks!! :-)
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We are going to have a "Fear Factor" Birthday party for our daughter`s 11th b-day on Oct 29th. Here`s some ideas we have so far:
The invitations: On the front we typed (using a scary looking font):
Be afraid, be very afraid because you`re invited to a fear factor b-day. We copy and pasted the fear factor logo from fearfactor.com
On the inside we typed: Is fear a factor for you?? Come find out at Cassidy`s b-day party.

RSVP if you dare.

This b-day is so intense that you actually will need you parents to fill out this medical release form to attend.

As the kids arrive we will give them each a T-shirt that I ironed a Fear Factor bucket of worms that says, "GOT WORMS?" I copy and pasted from fearfactor.com it into a word doc. And put on the back: I survived Cassidy`s Fear Factor party 2005 and fear is NOT a factor for me. I printed this onto iron-on paper I bought at Office depot. They turned out really cute!!

First of all, announce like Joe on the show does:
You have come from all over (whatever town you live in) to face your fears, are you ready for your first challenge?? Then let`s get the heck out of here and go outside to see what your 1st challenge will be:

Instead of eliminating the guests, we`re just going to use a point system instead and whoever has the most points at the end wins $20.00.

They get 1 point for attempting, 1 point for completing and 1 point for the fasted time. They get -1 point if they don`t even try. So they are eligible to get 3 total points per challenge.

Here`s some ideas:
Clean out a can of dog food really good, then fill it with "spam". The kid`s will roll the dice to see how many bites they need to eat of the "dog food"

Put a jar full of dirt and big earth worms and fishing worms.

In another jar (that`s hidden so the kids don`t see it, put a few boxes of crushed Oreo cookies or graham crackers and then roll big gummy worms in honey and put them in the jar too. Blind fold the kids and tell them they have to put a worm in their mouth and transfer it to another bowl. They will be pleasantly surprised that it`s not a real worm.

Relay: At the sound of the whistle, run as fast as you can to the box filled with real crickets (you can get like a 1,000 for $10.00 at Petco or Petsmart. Get the set of keys and then run back at try to unlock the lock the fastest.

If anyone has some ideas PLEASE e-mail ASAP. Thanks so much. Blessings, Tiffany

My e-mail is: Nutrition@Jplus.net
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Great ideas, I`m printing this out for our daughter`s birthday next summer.

Thank you very much for sharing those ideas with us.

If anyone else has any other ideas, please let us know. Jessica
Posted by Jessica; updated 10/09/05


What you could do is get some twinkies and get the cream out of them and replace the cream with a pickle. And get those pig ears chips. And get a dart board and tape numbers to it. And the kids throw the darts to see how many they have to eat.

For this one you could get a pie pan and stick a gum ball in it and cover the whole bottom with whipped cream. And they have to find the gum ball and blow a bubble to stop the time.

These are all the ideas i have. Good luck finding something
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Great ideas!
1)We are going to have a box for them to stick their hands in a closed box and pull out something. (Like fill it with cooked noodles and a ball) Or keep their hand in a box for up to 10 seconds. Tell them it is eyeballs or guts.
2) We are going to have them shoot pool balls in and the number left is how many they will have to eat. (tbd)
3) Move brussel sprouts from a plate to a scale with their mouth, heaviest wins
4) Have contestant lay down with dive mask on their face, and drizzle a sauce on them. They choose it blindly, like hershey`s syrup, rediwhip, etc...
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We had a fear factor party for our church youth group and another for my brothers 9th birthday. W e had them get a partner for the party. One event was one partner lyes on th fllor the other stands above and drops marshmallows that have been dipped in ketchup in their partners face. The ideas is that the teams with the most marshmallows in wins and the 2 with the least are out but you do not have to use the elimination idea.
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My BFF had a Fear Factor Party, it was a BLAST!! First, we went inside and ate, she had packages of red candy that said blood on it. We danced for a while and then went inside to the barn. The barn was full of obstacles and other wierd things. First, she had blended all sorts of sweet and sour and dressings and we had to reach in with our mouth and get the hot dogs that were cut up as fingers, olives that were eyes. Whoever did it the fastest won!! Then she had baked rice into pie pans as Magets. There were gold coins in 1 of the 3 Maget pies and whoever did it the fastest won. Last, there was an obstacle course. We had to crawl under loose and falling apart wood, run accros a tarp with baby oil on it so it was slick, then go accross a balance beam and try to throw squishy things into a buckett. Then she had a kiddey pool filled with mud and we had to get in it and find all 10 rubber bugs!! After that we went inside and took a shower. They had a Bon Fire set up for us, we roasted marshmallows and then went inside and read ghost stories. While we were reading the electricity went out and we read with only a flashlight. I hope this helped!! The party I went to was a BLAST!!!
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I know this is an old post, but I was just searching on this topic for some new ideas.... Good times.

As for our group, I called the local butcher and had them cut off some cow nips. Pretty rubbery, though, so we had to dice them.

For some reason, the most popular thing have been those green Chinese preserved duck eggs. Unless you have Chinese people in your group- they love those things.

Another year, I cooked a cow head (free from the same butcher), and we cut off some cheek. Actually, not bad tasting, but when you`re looking the cow in the face, it adds something... (the stench of cooking it put me off beef for a couple months, though.)

Jell-O cooked with meal worms and grasshoppers from the pet store.

Shopping cart racing is fun. Get a motorcycle helmet and pads for the guy in the cart. Best time wins, or whatever.

One time we cooked a bunch of chicken heads and feet (someone else got those from somewhere), hid a key in it. One parter was locked up with chains and a lock. The other had to find the key with their mouth. Can`t remember the details of what they actually had to do after that, but, you know, the chicken heads provided the flash.

Those were some good ones.
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