Looking For Cheap Floralytes?

If anyone is looking to buy floralytes, there is a website called COD Wholesalers that have them. These are the cheapest I have found, including ebay. You can buy them for $1.95 each, or if you buy 10 they are $1.75 each, and if you buy 100 they are $1.65 each. The website is http://codwholesale.com/acolyte.htm. Hope this helps!
Posted by Janine; updated 09/09/05


We also carry them and can beat that pricing, call us for details


951-734-3888 ext 223

Thank you.

Visit our page for more info: Koyal Wholesale

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$1.49 each in assorted colors.
Posted by Allen; updated 11/03/09


$1.49 each in assorted colors.
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And then add shipping...which means they are not 1.49 each...
Posted by legs; updated 10/13/10


We got these floral lights for only 89 cents each from a wholesale site. They arrived in just 3 days by mail. Totally happy with the price and service.

Posted by Danielle; updated 11/11/11