Dominican Cake Search!

I`m having a wedding in April, in Miami, FL, and I`m in a high and low search for a Dominican baker....any one have any clue?
Posted by Nellie; updated 01/17/05


Dear Neilly,

Try the grocery store "Plaza Santo Domingo" in Miami area, there is a bakery (dominican) right next to them, that do cake. I bought a slice to try myself. Was not too crazy about it (better than none).

However, across the street from them on the opposite corner there was another bakery "La Romana" which I plan to go and try their cakes.

Let me know if you find any. I plan a wedding myself in Miami area too and would like a dominican cake.

There is also a dominican restaurant in Miami area, across from the airport off Le Jeune called "Yuca Deli" which sell cakes there by the slice. I am trying to convince them to give the phone number of the lady who bakes their cakes. They are good.

Good Luck!

Posted by Laura; updated 01/19/05


Dear: neilly or laura or any one that can help me

Im planning to get married in june 2006, and im looking for a dominican cake. The only dominican cake that i know is really good is all the way in new york city,but I live in georgia is too far for me to get a cake from there, but Im willing to travel to miami if they have good dominincan cake there it is closer than new york can you please let me know if you find a dominican cake and please let me know the adress because i dont know miami.I would greatly apreciated alot

Thank you very much
Posted by leomaris; updated 03/18/06



I am probably too late for your special event but I bake dominican cakes for all types of occassions in Miami Florida in my home. I was born in Dominican Republic and was raised in NYC. If you have any question please feel free to write to me. Thanks.
Posted by Marilyn; updated 09/05/06



I was wondering if someone could help me. I am in California, and there is very little Dominican influences here. I would like to know if someone knows a place that is local that makes Dominican Cakes. If not, someone that would be willing to ship it.

Thanks in advance
Posted by DeAndre; updated 09/28/06


I am looking to buy a dominican cake in NYC- does anyone know where i can go? Gracias!
Posted by jay; updated 10/02/06


I live in NYC and (in my opinion) the BEST place for dominican cake is a bakery called Bizcocho de Colores. It`s also a party supply store. I love their crema de leche filling (not the same as dulce de leche) Their number is 212 567 4747 and they are on 207th Street and Sherman Ave in the Dyckman area. Hope this helps!
Posted by Rose; updated 02/26/07


This message is for Marylin who bakes dominican cakes from her home. I am Dominican myself and I moved to Homestead about three years ago from New Jersey and all of my kids birthday cakes were Dominican cakes that I used to order from this lady that baked it at her house. I have not been able to find anyone out here that bakes these Dominican cakes. My daughter`s 5th birthday is coming up and I would like to have a dominican cake.Can you please contact me at

Thanks Patty
Posted by Patricia; updated 09/28/07


Hi, I am planning a 5th Birthday party in Orange County, CA and I really want a Dominican Cake.. If anyone has information about someone who can make Dominican cake ... Please please let me know.
Posted by Sona; updated 02/07/10