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Hardbody International, www.hardbodyinternational.com at 732-496-7059 is your source for the hottest male strippers in New Jersey.

For the # 1 agency booking NJ male strippers - "679 bachelorette parties in NJ in 2004 alone said we are the best!"

NJ Male strippers of all races:
White male strippers, black male strippers, hispanic male strippers, asian male strippers

Male Strippers for all parts of NJ:

Hardbody International can deliver hot male strippers direct to your door throughout all of NJ, including:

Bergen County, NJ; Essex County, NJ; Passaic County, NJ; Hudson County, NJ; Warren County, NJ; Sussex County, NJ; Morris County, NJ; Union County, NJ; Somerset County, NJ; Camden County, NJ; Middlexex County, NJ; Monmouth County, NJ; Ocean County; NJ; Atlantic County, NJ; Salem County, NJ

All types of male strippers (costumes, acts, etc):

Cop male strippers
Fireman male strippers
Construction Worker male strippers
GQ Male Strippers (well dressed man)
Corporate Exec. Male Strippers
Bad Boy male strippers
Cowboy Male Strippers
Pizza Delivery male strippers
Limo Driver male strippers
Job Applicant male strippers (great for office parties)

You know what ... You can hire any of our male strippers for literally just about anything your fantasies desire!

NJ Male Strippers as Wild (or mild) as you like it!:

Conservative male strippers (if grandma is around)
Lukewarm male strippers
Gettin Hot male strippers
Wild Male Strippers
Buck-wild, "oh no he didn`t" male strippers

Ok ... So what else do you want to know about the finest NJ has to offer ... The hottest male strippers in NJ ready to cater their performance for you and your party!

Oh, right, the phone #, website, and info would help right? Here it is ...

Hardbody International
NJ, NY, and CT`s Finest Male Strippers
(732) 496-7059
Visit our page for more info: Hardbody International

Visit our page for more info: Hardbody International - Ladies Night Club

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