Sweet Sixteen Songs

If anyone is needing a list of the songs about Sweet 16 , I have a few more songs/artists than I had for Katie yesterday. These are not easy to find and after calling the music store not easily available so start your search early.

Happy Birthday Sweet 16 = Neal Sedaka (late 1950`s)
Sixteen Candles = Crest (1950`s) also recorded by Patsy Cline I believe.
Your 16 = Ringo Star (1970`s)
She was only 16 = Dr. Hook (1970`s)
Into the Night = I think this has been recorded 2 times
Simply Red (late 1980`s) I think it was also in the 1970`s but I don`t know who the artist is.

I also made a list of the Disney Songs that you girls turning 16 grew up listening to and loving from the Disney movie`s. Disney has a CD of these songs but they are done by other artist than the Original`s from the movies so I had to find them individually by the artist in the movie. ( I will enjoy those songs as well)
They are as follows:
Under the Sea (theme from Little Mermaid)
Beauty and the Beast
A Whole New World (Aladin) by Celine Deon
Can you feel the Love tonight (Lion King) by Elton John
Colors of the Wind (Pocohanas) Vanissa Williams

Good Luck in your Party Planing
Posted by Lorrie; updated 11/29/04


Hey guys,my sweet sixteen is in august i have a song to dance with my dad but i am reallty in need of one to dance with my boyfriend i dont want it to sound like a wedding song or have love in it because we are not in love if anyone can help me please do im desirae and my email address is Prmami8790@yahoo,com
Thanks alot
Posted by Desirae; updated 05/29/06


Consider this song for your Sweet Sixteen Birthday Party:

"Sweet Sixteen - The New Happy Birthday Song "
Posted by Sandi; updated 11/28/08


A great song is the sweet 16 song by "who are those guys", you can look em up on google and email them, they may have it available for download now....it`s the perfect father/daughter dance song
Posted by tom; updated 02/22/09


I checked their website and the link to the song is there, it`s called "Sweet 16 (My Everything)", you can listen to it for free
Posted by tom; updated 02/28/09