Polaroid Photo Mattes

I am looking for a supplier of polaroid size mattes for polaroid snap shots. These are to be handed out as favors for a Bar Mitzvah that we are doing for a customer. Does anyone a have a supplier they would recommend?
Posted by Alesia Skinner; updated 07/10/01


Hi Alesia,

We manufacture the cardboard & card stock paper frames for Polaroid photos that you are looking for.


One is an easel frame where the Polaroid slides into the front like a traditional picture frame. The other is a photo folder, the picture goes on the inside so its protected from dust & fingerprints. Both options are popular as party favors.

We can also design a custom one for your Bar Mitzvah, either with foil imprinting or full-color printed. Let me know if you have any other questions.

Beth - StudioStyle.com
Posted by Beth; updated 10/24/11