A Comment On Msg. Board Rudeness

I am new to the message board and have only posted one question thus far, so I`ve not much experience here; however, I must say that I`m surprised at the rudeness to some of the responses that were posted not only to my question, but to others as well.

Does anyone monitor this board? Is it self-monitored?

The snide comments I could take, but when I reviewed several message threads I was outraged at the name-calling and pettiness. One respondee even went so far as to call another poster`s child a B_stard!

I have to wonder if this is the supportive environment that it was most likely intended to be.

If there isn`t a person monitoring this board, I would like to know if anyone else has come up with a method to deal with these comments. As I`ve said, I`ve only posted one question and instead of receiving the helpful advice/ sharing of ideas type support that I was looking for, I felt attacked and had to spend most of my time defending myself, which is ridiculous at best.

Any truly supportive or concerned suggestions welcome.

Others need not reply. I think I will be pretending that rude/offensive replies don`t exist from here on. Or, at least until someone suggests a better method.
Posted by Soapy; updated 09/17/04


There are indeed many posts included on this site containing rude/offensive remarks. In addition, I have found that some of us don`t agree with the question, and answer it appropriately. This method is quite acceptable. But, you are correct about the vicious attacks made in vain. What I have found to be most effective is to ignore the message and act as if it doesn`t exist. The individuals making these offensive remarks are HOPING for a response to start a war in order to add excitement to their hopelessly boring life. Again, I enjoy those who speak their opinions in a constructive way, because let`s face it, we asked. However, there is a polite way to post constructive criticism. To make a long story short, ignore the rudeness. They obviously want a response, and let`s just not give it to them:)
Posted by Beth; updated 09/17/04


There is very much someone watching over this board. Sometimes I am shocked that certain things could be left since there was one message I wanted to leave with no profanity and it wouldn`t let me leave the message. I have no idea how that profanity could get through when I was telling someone on the board, your family isn`t going to agree all of the time so do your own thing. It wouldn`t let me leave that so I have no idea how some of the things get through. Just as Beth stated, they are rude and will always be that way but try to ignore them if you can or contact Party Pop and have their message removed.
Posted by Mika; updated 09/17/04


Here is the information:
Contact PartyPOP.com
Head office: London, England
U.S.A. Office: 5200 Kanan Road, Suite 225, Agoura Hills, CA 91301
Tel: 818.879.4880
Fax: 818.879.4972
Toll Free: (800) 950-8238
Email: partypop@partypop.com
Posted by Mika; updated 09/17/04


I`ve seen some very rude things on this message board, but a lot of them were true, ESPECIALLY about the scam artist company FYI Events, Landmark Estates, LME whatever. I checked with BBB and www.wedsafe.com and received confirmation on all the attacks. They were harsh but it ended up being the truth. Maybe now the people of that company will understand that they can`t be doing that to people`s lives. Shame on them.
Posted by Voicing; updated 09/20/04


I agree with you about the comments. I have posted two questions and thankfully have not recieved any rude remarks but I have read them concerning others questions. I think a lot of it may have to do with what you are asking and some people just have strong feelings about certain topics. Others I think are just trying to get a rise out of people and get an enjoyment out of that. Of couse there are some that cant ever say anything nice and are just negative people all the time and want to brings others down also. I agree with everyone in the fact that all you can do is ignore it. I wouldnt even defend yourself because that, in a way, is letting them win. They know they got to you and that was their purpose. Just kill them with kindness and move on! :)
Posted by Kristin; updated 09/20/04